Respirometry Testing in Ireland

Respirometry is typically used for measuring acute toxicity/biological inhibition and biodegradation of industrial trade effluents and wastewaters that have the potential to adversely impact the receiving Local Authority Wastewater Treatment Plant (WwTP) or on the company’s own on-site WwTP.

If you are not sure if you require respirometry testing please contact us, we are happy to advise.

What respirometry testing do we provide?

The principle test we carry out is an EN ISO8192 test for acute toxicity to determine the toxicological impact of a wastewater/trade effluent on the microbes in the receiving WwTP. We can also carry out short term biodegradability testing with COD removal by the biomass and nitrification assessments.

Who do Enterprise Environmental work for?

Enterprise Environmental provide respirometry testing services to most major industrial sectors in Ireland:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bio-Medical Technology
  • Chemical
  • ICT

Our clients include AbbVie, Alkermes, BASF, Guerbet, Gilead, Intel, Merck Millipore, Pfizer, Upjohn to mention a few.

What is Respirometry?

The term “respirometry” refers to the measurement of the respiration rate of living organisms. In the context of biological wastewater treatment it refers to the respiration rate of the biomass (activated sludge) involved in the biodegradation of wastewater. If you measure the respiration rate (oxygen uptake rate) of the microbes you can determine the health status of the activated sludge and assess the possible impact that a wastewater might have on a treatment plant.